Another Huge Innovation in the Internet Sector 44.2 tbps speed.

Just how fast 44.2 Tbps would be?

To put things into perspective, 44.2 Tbps is a million times faster than the speed offered by a good Australian government-owned National Broadband Network (NBN) connection.

You can use this speed to download 1,000 HD (720p) movies or more than 50 100GB Ultra HD (4K) Blu-ray discs in under one second.

Now, that is a blazing fast internet!

Use of existing optical fiber infrastructure

Use of existing optical fiber infrastructure

What makes this project more tempting is the fact that this record-breaking speed was logged over 75km of standard optical fiber with a single integrated chip source.

The fiber ran between RMIT’s Melbourne campus and Monash University’s Clayton campus (other two universities involved) and was similar to NBN’s infrastructure, which means it could be used to offer similar speeds to the public one day.

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